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  1. A Company So Clearly Influenced With Google’s Direct Help
  2. No coupon at checkout? This simple trick will save you money! - Clark Howard
  3. No coupon at checkout? This simple trick will save you money!
  4. Meijer says $75 off coupon on web is fake

One comes as a phone call pretending to be from PCH saying you've won and need to wire fee money. The other is a small fake check, requesting you wire money to receive the big check. Both bogus. PCH reminds all they never ask winners to send fees, taxes or other money to collect a prize. For school-age kids, money burns a hole in their pocket and vanishes. That's doubled in just 3 years. Parents have lost their minds. Clark has recommended stepping up allowance yearly. The amount can match their age or grade and should be used to teach.

The 3 jar system is a known method. Allowance is divided 3 ways: for spending, savings, and charity.

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Allowance should be in cash to teach the finiteness of money. And with an allowance comes responsibility. Parents give the money and should set ground rules about allocation - 3 jars or something similar.

A Company So Clearly Influenced With Google’s Direct Help

The savings can be for any specific goal chosen by the kid. Create a sense of purpose for money. If you just hand it out with no guidelines, they learn nothing and it disappears. Parents must teach the concept of spend and save. Follow-up: the financial industry continues its radical transformation.

1. Use your gut

Technology has made it possible to invest at a lower cost. Last week Schwab announced no commission stock buying and selling. Even Ally bank is offering a no-fee robo-advisory service. Vanguard will soon launch its low-cost Digital Advisor service too. How stupid. Roughly 1 in 4 American adults is extremely politically engaged. Bush enjoyed a football game together. People we disagree with are still our fellow Americans.

Current privacy concerns have Google in the spotlight. Google lives in fear the U. The Right to be Forgotten and to control online info in Europe puts them way ahead of the U.

No coupon at checkout? This simple trick will save you money! - Clark Howard

Sign into Google. Type in myactivitiy. Then you have the right to have them wipe out everything 90 days old and older. You can choose 90 days to 1. The Inspector General is like the cop inside a federal agency there to expose wrongdoing and enforce the law. Inexcusable and Unacceptable. The men and women who have served and put their lives on the line for American freedom deserve to have the promises made to them carried out.

The average ATM charge in the U. The cost to a bank is around. Beyond outrageous. Why do they do it? This led to a massive closure of smaller banks, and thus less competition. ATMs are disappearing around the country as people use less cash these days. Also, we now have an ever-expanding roster of online banks, offering lower costs and far better savings rates.

And — credit unions have filled the void left by small local banks going away. Credit Unions provide much better deals than banks.

Roughly half of us have no access to a retirement plan through work. If they go to an insurance company or bank, they face extremely high costs and employees pay the price, making the plan essentially a rip-off. So many just give up. A new federal rule just went into effect allowing small employers to team up to create group buying power for lower costs. These can happen through Chambers of Commerce and industry trade groups. There are companies offering k plans for small businesses. Betterment has one at a reasonable cost. Employees — if your small-midsize employer does offer a k — understand the fees.

Also, when you get the 'magic formula' investing pitch - know to RUN. Don't ever believe it. DO NOT answer your phone if you don't know who is calling. If caller ID says your bank or a government agency is calling, don't answer. Nothing good comes from it.

New hires are being no-shows on day one and don't think it's important to let the employer know. Clark's eldest daughter did new employee orientation at a bank.

No coupon at checkout? This simple trick will save you money!

Every week, new hires would be no-shows without notification. Some of these jobs were executive level. There are multiple reports of this happening in the retail and restaurant industries. Job markets are not always strong. It doesn't serve you to blow off a job offer. Have the decency to send a thank you note, to communicate, to be respectful, to notify. Roughly 1 in 3 folks are renters as the market is shifting throughout the country. Apartment overbuilding has resulted in more deals for tenants. Marketwatch reports that - desperate to sell condos or rent apartments, landlords are marketing properties that can be turned into Airbnb rentals.

This is different than resort-type condotels - owned hotel rooms that are rented out most of the year. This is the opposite of the HOA vs Airbnb conflicts. There's a lot of shakeout with short term rentals - an area of constant change around the country. Condo buyers and apartment renters be aware of the policies. We borrow principally for a home, vehicle, credit cards, student loans. A long-held frustration is how scoring models punish you for eliminating debt.

Meijer says $75 off coupon on web is fake

Paying off a loan other than credit cards could drop your score 50 points. Don't worry about it. If your score is healthy enough, the payoff score pinch does not matter. That's a myth you pay interest on. With cards, using very little of your credit and paying on time boosts your score. Historically the cons target small business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior citizens.