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This is especially true at the very beginning when you only have a few weeks worth of inserts. I think a lot of people do quit because they begin to believe that they will never be able to take advantage of the deals out there. You will. You just need to be patient as you build up your Sunday coupon insert stash. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have and I will do my best to answer them.

This post is part of the Lazy Couponing series. Next step is learning about Manufacturer Coupons. Also, do you usually have to dig through the whole bin before locating the inserts? You need to check with your local laws as they are different everywhere, but generally, there is nothing illegal about it. Most of them simply leave the inserts on top making it very easy for me to collect. So far, the only inserts I have been able to get is by buying one sunday paper for myself and then some weeks my father-in-law gets a paper and gives me his inserts.

I like out in the country so walking past the cafes on Sunday is not an option. And the recycle bin in town has been removed.

But I have been able to get some good deal with just one or two inserts from a week anyway. This is a great continuation of your project, Jeffrey. I have a question: Can you discuss buying coupons and inserts? Is it practical? Also, I have one comment. Anyway — thanks for continuing! Oh, and somebody turned me on to Dollar Tree as a source for extra newspapers in case you forget, get sidetracked, or are too shy like me, so far to scrounge up extra inserts. They have Sunday papers well into Monday and sometimes Tuesday, and they are only a buck. Depending on where you work your co-workers can be a great source.

I simply posted a print out on the break room fridge asking for any unused Sunday paper coupons, I get around showing up on my desk each week now. A very easy way with very little work, give it a shot. Have you found that their websites can substitute for newspaper inserts? The coupons are fewer and ususally only the current ones — the ones that will get you good deals are from inserts in the past. Thank you for your quick reply. I do have one followup question.

What if one printed out every new coupon as they became available and then stored them like one would do with newspaper inserts? They only list a fraction of the coupons on the websites that are in the inserts. Besides, then you get into that whole organizing thing that takes up a huge amount of time that we want to avoid at all costs…. You might want to look into that. I too found that there must be regional differences for the Smart Source and Red Plum Sunday coupons. I have been saving my inserts for four weeks now. So… I went to my Sunday coupon inserts and lo and behold!!

Could not find the coupon s! After this happened three different times, I realized that my area of the country must not get the same SS and RP as others. Same thing with CVS sales. It is frustrating but I can still cut my grocery bill significantly. Thanks for the reminder to be patient. I am still at the few weeks worth of inserts point, and things have been looking grim. Just to let you guys know, it is totlally worth it to buy 10 sunday papers a week. I have been learning to do this for 6 weeks and am seeing it pay back more and more each week. I originally tried to get every deal possible, but it takes too much time.

While they are certainly no replacement for the Sunday coupon inserts, as someone just starting out I have checked them out. I got a bunch of coupons this morning and am willing to be patient about collecting them for a few months, but it looks like a lot of the coupons expire less than a month from now. What am I missing?

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Yes, that is normal. Looking forward to seeing how it all works! BTW — my office has donation bins for not only a local food bank, but also for a Support Our Troops and School Supplies for local kids program. I called the paper and they said no one got the coupon inserts today!! So frustrating!

Smartsource, Redplum and P & G Whole Coupon Inserts

I read everywhere that the best place to get the coupons is the sunday paper! On holiday weekends, there are usually no inserts such as this labor Day weekend. I assume this is why they are often not placed in newspapers delivered on holiday weekends. In response to Cynthia, 11, there are some free sites like couponmom. Are there other regional eCoupon sites or something I should google? Redplum is available in saskatoon star phoenix, but the smart source is not, I wish i could find it out here in saskatchewan, anyone know where I can?

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Any particular day that the Red Plum inserts are in the paper? I cannot seem to find the right day. Or perhaps I will just call the paper directly and ask them! I already have the list for when the SmartSource coupons are to be released for the year, but I am unable to get the list for when Redplum coupons will come out for the year. I would like to set up a time to order extra papers on these dates, as my paper-lady does not know when they are to be released. This would great for the both of us, she gets the extra sales from the papers, and I get the coupons.

Several of the neighbours are on the same thought line. Kelowna Event that is delivered without a subscription does not ever carry any coupon inserts. No coupons. Its most frusterating when all my family in surrounding towns get the coupon inserts but I do not. I get the Toronto Star and have always received coupon inserts with them. Hi, I was just wondering if you could find out and post the dates for when the Brandsaver coupon inserts come out. Liz: They do not come every weekend.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I am interested in getting more coupons like these and I see that the Toronto Sun is listed. If I was to order this paper to be delivery I understand it only comes on the certain dates but when it does come will it be in the Saturday or Sunday paper? I am looking to get the Sunday one for the coupons and enjoyment but would be disappointed if they arrived in the Saturday paper or another day of the week. I live in Parry sound and Our paper does not have inserts, Am I able to request them from the company who sends them out?

I really want to use coupons but have limited access to them. Lisa Hutchings: No, you cannot request them from the company. Am I missing something? So you might want to look at both! Hint… try having a coffee at your local coffee shop on those days… they usually carry complimentary copies for their customers… clip what you need and leave the rest for the next customer!

How Do I get my Coupons!!

Is it just random weekends? These are excellent tips for finding coupon inserts, thank you!

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In my condo building we have a recycling room where many people throw out their newspapers, inserts and all. Instead of rummaging through the recycle bins which usually results in some great finds, although not always ideal I simply put a little box down there with a sign on the front, asking people to donate their coupon inserts. I have a relative that delivers papers and some of the people on his route have requested not to receive the paper.

Despite having told the paper company that he needs less papers, they continue to send him the papers for the people that have declined delivery.

Sunday Paper Coupons | Sunday Coupon Inserts Schedule

As a result, they get extra coupon inserts every time they come out. Must also check kijii. Finally got an answer from CB Post,they said they are told the areas to supply via someone in Toronto……. I have been couponing lets say a year ,never received a red plum insert in our paid subscription to CB Post. Kaela: If you are not receiving inserts, contact your newspaper and ask them why.