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This publication will be distributed to homeless and addiction services from the Dublin area with the aim of reaching as many PWUD as possible. A pdf version of this publication will be available upon request. Depaul services will be hosting a week of events in response to International Overdose Awareness Day Aug 31st. These will include: — residents meetings with naloxone champions to highlight the importance of personal prescribing and offer training -booklet and talk for residents around managing their prescription medication -visit to the memorial tree on Sean Mc Dermott st to remembered those who have died due to drug use — attending the memorial service on Aug 31st on Killarney Street.

Merchants Quay Ireland MQI is a national voluntary organisation that helps people who are homeless and those caught in addiction. MQI will promote and provide all day 9am — 5pm Naloxone training workshops with seamless naloxone prescribing and dispensing in its Open Access Service on Friday 30th August , on a first come first serve basis. Prescribing and dispensing of the kits is currently only available to people at risk of overdose and not directly to family members, significant others etc.

However, if a significant other accompanies the person at risk and is present for the training session, GMQ Medical GPs can at their discretion prescribe to more than one kit to the person at risk. This training and prescribing of the kit will be free of charge. MQI hopes to train, prescribe and dispense to as many people as possible on the day. Delivering training in how to administer Naloxone in the event overdose and how to identify signs and symptoms of overdose. Our outreach teams will be proactively reaching people in the drug taking hot spots of the North Inner City of Dublin, providing them with the following : Sterile drug injecting and smoking paraphernalia Overdose prevention advice Naloxone administration training Polydrug use interventions.

Over Upcoming YA Books For Your July - September TBR List

Our outreach teams will be proactively reaching people in the drug taking hot spots of Limerick City, providing them with the following : Sterile drug injecting and smoking paraphernalia Overdose prevention advice Naloxone administration training Polydrug use interventions.

Our team of festival welfare volunteers will provide overdose prevention interventions, harm reduction advice and signposting to support services to festival goers all weekend at Electric Picnic. This support will be available in the Welfare tent and on outreach across the festival site on a 24 hour basis.

Punto di informazione sui rischi legati alle overdose, sensibilizzazione utilizzo naloxone, distribuzione naloxone, servizio di riduzione del danno. In the last 20 years we saved from Overdose more than 2. You can see the publication here. A Drop In center in Turin together with the mobile unit CanGo will partecipate in the campaign for the world day awareness of overdoses. On the morning we will organize a video interview with users and operators on CanGo service near mosca bridge, the most popular open drug scene in Turin.

On the afternoon, at the Drop In center we will do a training course where the operators show how to act during an overdose. We will also project a short film linked to heroin overdose and poly-drug overdoses.

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On the afternoon, at the Drop In center we will do video interviews with both operators and users. We will share photos and videos on our facebook page Drop In Torino. Info points will be provided in the public treatment services in Venice, Mestre, Dolo,Mirano with leaflets about OD prevention and Naloxone use; Naloxone will also be avaible. This will comprise 20 minutes presentation to the audience on how to mitigate risks for overdose, managing an overdose case and administering the antidote. The presentation will include a practical demonstration of the recovery position in case of an overdose case.

Promoting and raising awareness regarding overdose situation in Montenegro, trough documentary movie , hopefully will help drawing attention to this serious issue more, since Montenegro is a country that does not have estimated number of overdose deaths, nor antidotes available outside public hospitals and ER, in order to save lives of people in risk of an overdose. Overdose Awareness for People who use Drugs, Harm reduction service Providers, and community members. Role Play about Overdose and how to prevent Overdose death. Memorial of People who last their life to Overdose Candle Light 4.

Open introduction Presentation of papers Group activity Visitation of mental homes. By: Morten Joachim. Verdens overdosedag.

Onsdag Posted by Fredrikstad kommune on Tuesday, 30 August Serving of waffles. Various activities throughout the week, focusing on overdose prevention.

Free Romeos steals and deals

Theme for discussion and for information on various offers to the user group. Open to anyone who wants. We remember those who died in overdose, training in cardiac lung rescue and information on overdose prevention. Se for deg to fullstappede leddbusser. Overdoser rammer i alle samfunnslag. Many organisations in Norway is behind this event at Eidsvolls place in Oslo August 31st from pm to pm.

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This year, there will be a simple marking on the Route with Stands from user and next-of-kin associations and the aid system. Program: CPR, distribution of Naloxone, marking with flowers and shoes, waffles and coffee, etc. Professionals, volunteers and users will be present all day for info and conversations. Time: Thursday 29th August at. Time: Bike ride from Trondheim to Lillehammer from Arrival Lillehammer Everyone is welcome to participate and can hang out, either on the entire trip or shorter distances as far as 1 km.

A person from the rust service bikes along with those who want shorter distances. He is formerly addicted and has managed to get out of his intoxication by cycling.

Activities 12222

He wants to give something back as a thank you. Together with Henrik Stjer from Jobben Lillehammer he cycles the distance. Business and individuals are invited to a sponsoring day to raise money for activity. Goal of the trip: Communicate the message of the overdose day. Creating awareness of the importance of good activities and social community as an alternative to intoxication.

Raise money for leisure activities under the auspices of the Salvation Army. It is desirable that as many people as possible participate, and the dream is to recreate the scene from the movie Forrest Gump where an ever increasing tail of people he follows in his life course. In collaboration with the Pakistan Football Federation, we will organize a men football match and a women football match of national teams of Pakistan.

The winning team received trophy, while all the participating players will receive gold and silver medals. The activity consisted in a quizz with a series of questions related to drug overdose. The quizz was applied to everyone who came to our mobile unit. Higiene products were distributed to all participants. From August 26 to 30, Visit our page for updated information about the day and time of each of our activities. Visit a public health center in the municipality of San Juan to share information of opioid overdose prevention.

Also share educational information to public officials of the Department of Health.

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  4. Photographer Arden Arkman will be making a series of portraits of people who survived an overdose, as well as first-person stories. The goal is to reduce stigma, to raise awareness, to debunk myths about people with whom this can happen. The desired effect is to cause not so much emotions in the reader as an understanding of the importance of the problem and emphasise the fact that the law prohibits the dissemination of the necessary information on harm reduction, due to the lack of which people are at risk.

    This will all be in the text of the stories. The visual part is shooting in a location that pretends to be the place where the overdose occurred. The bottom line is that this can happen to anyone, anywhere, and no one is safe. Variant of shooting — through a prism. The centre is planning to host a community awareness event at an area called Mankweng. Next 31st of August will be organized in Barcelona the international awareness and memorial day on overdose.

    For the first time, in Catolonia, an intergeracional day will highlight voices of people who use drugs, activists, academics, editors. All together, bridging different knowledges, asthectics and trajectories, different activities will be held in a friendly and warm environment in the memory of the beloved ones we lost through all these years, standing once again against prohibition.

    As for starting, an exihibition will be held with posters, books, tshirts, from the 60s untill nowadays collect within the community, followed by a presentation of a hystorical analisys through the media, on how overdose had been approached since the arrival of the heroin in Spain. In the afternoon, a Rememberance March will rout the participants to our memorial plaque settled for the victims of the war on drugs. Music, poetry and art will start around 6pm. There will be speeches by local politicians as well as family members and onsite information about how to prevent, discover and save someone from a overdose.

    Our clients are here for addiction rehab. Some of them have overdosed, and experienced the close call first hand.

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    Others have lost loved ones to drug overdoses. In some cases, this is the catalyst for their recovery. I am the leader of the PUD community. In , I organized and assembled a community. I teach children to fight for their rights and give them all the most important information about safe drug use. We participate in all international promotions and flash mobs along with the entire PUD world community.

    Simultaneous pop up performances in Brighton and Bristol will be delivered by Brighton-based organisations, Cascade Creative Recovery and small performance adventures, in partnership with Bristol Drugs Project to mark International Overdose Awareness Day, Saturday 31 August. Time: Brighton Bristol Hackney Recovery Service provides free needle exchange services and harm reduction equipment.

    Our practitioners will give comprehensive harm reduction advice, overdose identification training and provide Naloxone and Naloxone training. Education on the effects of substances, overdose awareness and pathways to seek support on a range of needs. Starting at planter with a service for those lost to addiction, we have made windmills to plant with the names of our loved ones on them.

    We then proceed to hotel for networking and Naloxone Training.